Leak and Line Coverage

Effective February 1, 2016, Summertown Utility District no longer adjusts water bills due to known or unknown leaks on the  customer-side of the water meter.

We also provide Commercial leak and line coverage for all commercial properties.  Leak coverage is already added when the account is opened.  To opt-in to the commercial line coverage call the ServLine number. Please see flyers for more information.

As of that date, all customers were enrolled in the ServLine water loss protection insurance, as reflected on customer's monthly bills. In the event of a leak, this insurance covers the leakage cost minus a 12 month average of your normal usage. This benefit may be used once every 12 months. 

If a customer elects to opt-out of this coverage, then the customer will be responsible for any and all water charges, with no consideration given for adjustments. 

Additionally, customers may also choose to opt into Line Protection insurance to cover replacement or repair of lines. This benefit may be used as often as needed.  Copies of bills from the person that did the repairs will need to be sent to ServLine and they will send this reimbursment check directly to you.

You may contact ServLine directly with any questions about this coverage and options. . 

They require the customer to call and make these selections, we cannont file a claim or opt-in/out for you.

Call 931-269-1881

Select option #1 to opt-in or out of either coverage.

Select option #2 to file a new claim.